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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Driving Lesson

Hitting 17 brings a lot of excitement and freedom to get what you want. One life experience many youngsters look forward to is driving a car. Although it entails independence and going wherever you want, every occasion has hurdles.
Diving is a great skill, but it isn’t easy to learn. For instance, a poor understanding of traffic laws and your obligations as a driver can make it more difficult. Also, having poor driving judgement while operating a vehicle puts you and those around you in danger.

To guarantee that you get your licence the first time around, you must be aware of the most common driving mistakes. This post will highlight the most common pitfalls to avoid when attempting to book driving lessons online.

Let’s dive in now!

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Top mistakes to avoid during driving lessons

Improper lane changes:

When your instructor asks you to change lanes, you may not be fully present mentally, which can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Since many drivers fail to follow the instructions of their instructors, this is the most common mistake that can be a hurdle for you to pass your driving test. These involve not being able to judge the speed of other vehicles and getting too close behind a slower car or driving a car too fast and losing control. So, to avoid making this mistake, you must assess the traffic situation on the road, activate your turn signal, check your rear view and side door mirrors, and search for a truck, motorcycle, or car that may be in your blind spot area. When you turn on the signal, other drivers know you intend to change lanes. You shouldn’t change lanes until everything is clear.

Distractions while driving:

Driving involves more than just turning the wheel to go where you’re going. If you are a beginner, then it may be both physically and mentally exhausting for you. Pupils often focus on a specific aspect while losing focus on the total drive. Drivers’ failure to pay attention to their surroundings contributes to numerous traffic accidents. They frequently tend to get nervous and rush without making proper observations or over analyse and tend to hesitate and drive on when it’s safe, which can prevent them from obtaining a driver’s licence.

Not practising enough:

Many learners commit the mistake of not practising enough on the roads. They take the lesson for one week or two and then wholly ghost it, which is useless, especially when learning a skill like driving. You must not do so because only with practice will you become a good driver. Take the help of a driving instructor and enrol now in a traditional or intensive driving crash course.

You do not book your driving lesson:

As said above, your driving test will only be successful if you consistently practice on the road. For that, you have to book a driving lesson at a reputed driving school like BOOK2PASS. Additionally, you will need to meet your instructor regularly and do mock driving tests. You are even welcome to hire your instructor’s vehicle for the driving test. Therefore, schedule your pre-test lesson with your driving instructor to get the confidence boost you need from it and a refresher on the driving manoeuvres you’ll be assessed on.

Parking steps:

Common parking mistakes include not having good car control, and failing to notice blind spots. However, these minor, seemingly harmless errors can result in severe breaches and losses that strain your finances. One of the worst parts about driving is parking. Though challenging, learning to reverse and parallel park is not impossible. The key to remember when parking is to avoid hitting other cars or the curb. You will become an expert at the skill if you learn to read the road conditions, are alert and focused, and practise frequently.

Key Points

There is no need to panic if you have committed these mistakes or are still not a perfect driver. No one is perfect, but everyone practices unless they are sure of becoming a confident driver who can drive safely on the road. Avoid committing these mistakes in the future if you want to earn your driving licence ASAP!
If you are unsure and still need more guidance on how to drive safely, contact us at BOOK2PASS going to school in the UK. We can help you provide driving lessons that will help you level up your driving skills.

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