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Driving Intensive Crash Course vs Traditional Lessons: Which is Right for You?

Do you remember the first thing you said you would do as soon as you reached 17? Well, most of us, like our friends, were excited to get our hands off the wheel!
While many were successful in doing so, there may be some who couldn’t get a chance to showcase their driving skills.
A strong desire to catch up and successfully pass your driving test as soon as possible can become a reality if you select the right option.
When embarking on the journey of learning to drive, individuals face a significant decision regarding the pace of their learning: whether to opt for a gradual approach, taking regular lessons over an extended period and spreading out the cost, or choose an intensive driving course that condenses all the lessons into a full week. Both options come with advantages and disadvantages, but it is crucial to comprehend the distinctions before making a choice.
Driving Intensive Crash Course
It is essential to note that what may be suitable for one person may not necessarily be the best fit for another. Each individual’s preferences and circumstances differ, so it is crucial to carefully consider personal factors when deciding on the most suitable approach to learning to drive.
Let’s explore each approach and help you choose the one that best aligns with your learning style and circumstances.
OptionsTraditional LessonIntensive Driving Course
Learning paceAllow learners to progress at their own paceOffers a fast-paced learning environment
CostMoney allocated over several weeks or monthsFewer lessons mean less money
Learning styleProvide learners with more gradual learning, more time between sessions for practice and reflection, and the flexibility to spread out their learning over time.Ideal for learners who are highly motivated, prefer accelerated learning, and have limited availability.
DurationAverage of 2-3 hours (lasts upto monthsAverage of 5 hours lasts upto (a week or two)

Traditional driving lessons

Imagine going out for driving lessons for an average of two lessons every week or month, giving you ample time to absorb and master each skill before moving forward. Traditional lessons offer a gradual and systematic approach, allowing you to build your confidence and skills step by step.


1. Long-term relationships: Traditional driving lessons often involve a long-term relationship between the learner and the instructor. The instructor’s experience and familiarity with the learner’s progress can lead to a more effective and personalised learning experience.

2. Cost Distribution: By paying for weekly lessons, you can spread the financial investment, making it more manageable for those on a budget.

3. Time for test preparation: The driving instructors can assess the learner’s readiness for the test, identify areas that need improvement, and develop a personalised plan to address any weaknesses. Learners receive ample practise and feedback, increasing their chances of performing well on the test.

Driving intensive crash course

If you want to learn to drive quickly, you can take a driving intensive crash course where you spend several hours a day in the car. This speeds up the learning process significantly. Moving ahead to an intensive driving crash course, whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your existing learner driver skills before taking the test, could be a suitable choice for you. Why? Let’s find out!


1. Time Efficiency: If you’re eager to obtain your licence quickly, an intensive course can accelerate your learning process, condensing months of traditional lessons into a matter of days or weeks.

2. Immersive Learning: With frequent and concentrated lessons, you have the advantage of immersing yourself fully in the driving experience, which can enhance your ability to retain information and develop muscle memory.

3. Eliminating Skill Gaps: By diving into an intensive course, you minimise the risk of skill gaps developing between lessons, as your learning is continuous and focused.

Conclusion: Choosing the right path

After getting familiar with both options listed above, we recommend booking driving lessons online via an intensive driving course, as you will learn rapidly and retain the information better than with weekly lessons. It can also save you time and money because you require fewer hours of training. Additionally, an intensive course allows for more time each day to experience different driving scenarios, such as driving in busy areas and on motorways.

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