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Finding the Right Driving Instructor Who Will Help You Hit the Busy Road

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Learning how to drive is a great skill and experience. When you become a licenced driver, you do not need to depend on uber drivers, your friends, family members, or colleagues to take you from one place to another.
However, many people generally ask their loved ones whenever they think of learning to drive. Or, in the haste of quickly getting a licence, they pick just any random driving school. This is a big mistake that many pupils commit, which can tarnish their image in front of authorities if they fail to drive appropriately, leading to another try for the same.
Hence, you should always be conscious enough when making this decision because one wrong choice and all the efforts go in vain.

If you have friends who recently got their driving licence, why not ask who they hired to make them learn? In the UK alone, many driving schools claim to have all the knowledge and expertise to make you know where to go, but when you book a driving instructor, they fail to provide you with the right one.

So, who is the right one to teach you how to drive? Let’s dive deep into this blog post to learn more.

Signs you have hired a bad driving instructor

Here are some signs that say you are dealing with a bad driving instructor:

No ADI badge:

It’s essential to ensure your driving instructor is certified and has the appropriate approved driving instructor licence. Remember that the license’s colour is also crucial; a pink PDI badge request with a triangle indicates a trainee teacher (Potential driving instructor). A fully certified instructor, on the other hand, will have a green octagon licence. It’s crucial to find out if the instructor has an ADI badge before booking driving lessons with them.

No professionalism:

Imagine you are asking for instructions from them, and they are busy eating or gossiping over a phone call. How would you feel? If your teacher acts in such a manner, it suggests that they lack professionalism and are unreliable. Even though they have a great deal of expertise, they could not be completely focused on what you are doing. For instance, if you make a mistake when driving and your teacher doesn’t see it, you might assume you haven’t made any mistakes at all.

Impatience or rude behaviour:

Learning to drive takes time, and there may be a possibility that you may not get something right the first time, which is entirely okay. Thus, having a patient and understanding instructor is a must. Someone who loses confidence and worsens things will get upset or frustrated if you don’t pick up things immediately.

No adaptability:

Since every person learns differently, a qualified driving instructor should be able to adapt their instruction style to meet each pupil’s needs. You might find it challenging if their teaching style is rigid and they are unwilling to change it.

Not being able to communicate properly:

A learner driver must able to communicate effectively with their driving teacher. It should be easy to understand intricate driving strategies, even if your instructor has simplified them. It could hinder your progress if they are difficult to understand or easily irritated.

If you face any of the abovementioned issues, it’s time to reconsider your decision. Finding a reputable driving school is a must, as they have experienced and professional driving instructors who will be the right fit for you.

Key considerations for making the right decision for hiring driving instructors

Qualifications and accreditations:

Verify the driving instructor’s credentials and accreditations by ensuring they are duly accredited and registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Seek an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) certification as proof that the instructor has completed the required training and passed the qualifying exams.


Lessons from a qualified instructor are more likely to be efficient and customised. Find out how long the instructor has been teaching and how successful their prior pupils have been and then book a driving instructor.

Reviews and recommendations:

This is a great way to learn about the instructor’s teaching style, behaviour, patience, and effectiveness. Referrals from close friends or relatives can also be quite helpful in knowing about an instructor.

Free driving school franchise:

While some driving instructors prefer to work independently, others may be a part of a free driving school franchise. Consider whether the instructor is connected to a franchise that offers free driving lessons, as this could provide more resources and support.

Pick crash courses:

If you want to get your licence more quickly, find out about driving intensive crash courses. For those who are time-constrained, these courses are perfect because they are made to deliver focused instruction in a brief amount of time.


Now that you have all the information you need to select the best driving instructor, it’s time to make your final selection. Do not make a rational decision based on your emotions. You must consider this a serious matter of hiring the right driving instructor.
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Any driving instructor who consistently violates the code of conduct will have their franchise terminated by BOOK2PASS, which takes the code very seriously. The code of conduct is crucial to meeting our commitment to provide our students with excellent service.

Teaching techniques:

A professional instructor can change their techniques and strategies for every learner as everyone learns at their own pace and ways. This allows pupils to learn to drive more quickly by following different tactile, auditory or visual learning strategies.