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We are a Driving School that aspires to bring together a team of professional driving instructors in order to provide a very high level of quality service to our students; we aspire to build a brand that is known for providing excellent customer service. Be a part of a leading driving school franchise and get access to pupils.

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FREE Driving School Franchise Offer!

Check out our unbeatable franchise options below.



Offer 1

Free BOOK2PASS Franchise OFFER!

Why pay for Franchise with another driving school when you can franchise with us for free?
With BOOK2PASS’s Free Franchise offer, there will only be a one-time joining fee of just £65 which includes a roof board vinyl with free delivery, with the option of having your number printed on it at no extra cost.
Start your Free Franchise with BOOK2PASS Driving School today
With us, there are no hidden costs or admin fees to pay
This is a really good job opportunity for you as a Driving instructor to make serious money and keep it all.

Offer 2

Pay only £25 per week Franchise which will include a free roof vinyl!

You only start paying £25 per week after 5 students have been provided.

TEACH with BOOK2pass

What are the benefits of joining BOOK2PASS?

Did you know that as a qualified driving instructor, you have the opportunity to join BOOK2PASS for free without leaving your current driving school? How does it work? It’s simple! All we ask is that you display the BOOK2PASS roof sign while giving lessons to the students we provide. During all other times, you are free to display the board from your current driving school.
BOOK2PASS is not just another copycat driving school, we are here to make a real difference. With BOOK2PASS you can be an independent driving instructor, you can choose your own working hours and whenever you want to take a break from instructing, just let us know, and we won’t bother you.
At BOOK2PASS, we understand the challenges Driving Instructors face, like dealing with road traffic delays while driving from one student to another which we consider to be an unpaid waste of time, feeling pressured into working long hours just to pay off high driving school franchise fees, being tied into a contract, driving schools pressuring you to book more students when you are already swamped and driving schools that do not prioritise your preference in choosing the area you’d like to offer lessons in, or whether you are being expected to offer lessons to people from the opposite gender regardless of any reservations you may have due to religious or cultural appropriations.
Our Driving Lessons and Intensive Courses duration are between 2-6 hours per day, which reduces unpaid travel time driving in between lessons. BOOK2PASS Driving School franchise is now free, compared to our competitors, as it is important to us that you do not feel burdened to keep up with paying high fees. We want you to be able to enjoy a profit while working less hours if you so wish. We will provide you with unlimited students matching your requirements without pressuring you to book more once you are fully booked.
At BOOK2PASS we understand and take into consideration your situation and struggles, and we are always willing to help and support all our driving instructors.

Why Choose BOOK2PASS?

We have unbeatable franchise offers.
You can join us in minutes.
You get to keep ALL of your earnings with the free franchise!
You choose what payment method you want to accept.
With BOOK2PASS there are no hidden costs or admin fees to pay.
No deposit is required.
Leave anytime (All we ask is to give us one month’s notice).
There is no charge for the supply of students, and there is no cap on the number of students that will be provided.
You can choose which area you’d like to teach in.
Reduce unpaid travel time driving from one student to another by increasing teaching time with BOOK2PASS Intensive courses.
Choose who you want to teach.
Choose whether you’d like to contact new students, or if they should contact you for lesson bookings.
Choose how BOOK2PASS should contact you via Email/WhatsApp or text messages.
There is no maximum price for a one-hour driving lesson. You are free to set your own price.
A free roof board vinyl will be provided after joining, choose whether to have your number printed on the roof board vinyl free of charge, so you can attract more students in your local area.
We are seeking to expand our driving school by recruiting only the best professional driving instructors, so we can compete with the top driving schools in the country.
In order to provide a high level of service all instructors will be required to adhere to our code of conduct.
Please join us if you want to be part of BOOK2PASS Driving School.

We will only be accepting one instructor within any given postcode.

You must agree not to make/answer calls or text message during a Driving lesson, unless it is urgent and your student is ok with it.

You must not complete personal errands during lesson time.

You must start and finish the driving lesson at the agreed booking times. (We understand that a driving instructors job is hard and it is not always possible to finish lessons on time sometimes, you might finish late, sometimes you might finish early to make up for finishing late. We advice that you do not repeatedly finish late).

You must not cancel a lesson without contacting the student first.

You must not cancel a students lesson frequently.

If we give you a student that you are unable to book, you must inform BOOK2PASS ASAP so that we can reallocate this student to another BOOK2PASS instructor.

If we give you a student you must update BOOK2PASS once you have booked the initial lesson with them.

You are not permitted to give any BOOK2PASS student a lesson with another driving school roof board or another driving school advert or logo on your car besides a BOOK2PASS roof board.

You must not pass on BOOK2PASS students to any other instructor that is not a driving instructor with BOOK2PASS.

You are not permitted to discuss race, religion, gender, sexuality or other beliefs in a derogative manner. 

You must not use fowl or obscene language, become angry, get annoyed, or ignore the student.

You must be polite, professional and friendly at all times.

Please only join BOOK2PASS if you agree to all of the above, we will be conducting regular student feedback to check if all of our instructors are providing a good level of service, and adhering to the code of conduct. If we repeatedly receive negative feedback we will share the feedback with you, so that you can work to improve on your service. If this still continues thereafter, unfortunately your franchise with BOOK2PASS will be terminated as providing an excellent service is our utmost priority.

Join Our Driving Instructor Franchise