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Rev Up Your Savings With Our Affordable Driving Lesson Prices And Intensive Course Deals.


Block Booking, One Time Offer For New Students.
£ 290
save £35

Hit the Road in Style with Our Unbeatable Driving Intensive crash course deals for saving time and money.

5 days Mock test

Intensive Crash Course ideal for test preparation for those who covered all modules and can drive independently.

15-hours £440

7 days fast track

Intensive Crash Course Ideal for those have driven before and want to become test standard quickly and efficiently.

28-hours £790

9 days big savings

Intensive Crash Course Ideal for Beginners who wants learn Driving quickly and Save Time And Money. 

45-hours £1,250

Discover the Flexibility of Our Intensive Driving Courses

At our driving school, we understand the value of flexibility when it comes to your learning journey. When we say our intensive courses are flexible, we mean it. Let us explain what that entails.

For instance, take our popular 9 DAYS BIG SAVINGS intensive course. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t require you to take lessons every single day for nine consecutive days. We believe in providing you with the freedom to structure your learning schedule according to your preferences and availability.

Here’s how it works: Within the framework of the 9 DAYS BIG SAVINGS intensive course, you have the option to break it down as you see fit. You could choose to take three consecutive days of lessons, followed by a day off, and then another three days of instruction. The choice is yours.

With BOOK2PASS, you are always in control. When booking your intensive course, you will have the opportunity to inform our experienced instructors about your preferred days and how you would like to manage your time. We prioritise your convenience and ensure that your lessons align seamlessly with your schedule.

At our driving school, we believe that flexibility is key to your success. Experience the freedom to customise your intensive course and take charge of your learning journey. Join us today and embark on a driving experience that puts you in the driver’s seat of your education.

Unlock the Keys to Your Future with Our Cost-Effective Pay As You Go Driving Lesson Prices.


Pay As You Go.
£ 65


Pay As You Go.
£ 90
save £7.50


Pay As You Go.
£ 115
save £15


Pay As You Go.
£ 140
save £22.50


Pay As You Go.
£ 165
save £30


Car Hire.
£ 140
save £10

All Pay As You Go driving lesson Prices Shown are daily rates. lesson duration is between 2 to 6 hours per day and cannot be split across different days.