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Are you looking for a driving school franchise that allows you to work flexible hours? Are you wondering how to empower your dreams and let pupils become the confident drivers they have always wanted to be?
Worry not!
We at BOOK2PASS ensure that you can be an independent driving instructor and decide to work on your hours with no intervention or limitation.

Why join this best driving school franchise?

Now, acquire this great chance to change the course of your career by becoming a driving instructor. In this industry, you’ll provide new drivers with the knowledge and assurance they need to navigate the roads safely.

Here’s what you will get when you join the free driving school franchise by BOOK2PASS:

Established brand and reputation:

We are an established driving school with a well-established history of offering high-quality driving lessons. As a result, you will gain access to the credibility and recognition of being linked to the well-known driving business.

Assistance with marketing and advertising:

BOOK2PASS offers its franchisees various support services for marketing and advertising. This includes access to a professional website, social media marketing and online advertising. Franchisees may reach a larger audience and draw in more clients.

Work life balance:

Working at your set hours allows you the freedom to manage your work-life balance. Here at BOOK2PASS, we give you complete independence to establish your work-life set balance.

Access to a professional network:

When you join our franchisee, you will have access to a seasoned network of driving instructors. As a result, you have access to other franchisees’ guidance and assistance and the chance to study their best practices.

Employment opportunities with growth:

We can expand and grow as a growing franchisee. We will provide unlimited students matching your requirements, allowing you to expand your franchisee and grow as a driving school. One such opportunity includes the possibility of establishing new driving schools under the BOOK2PASS or taking on supervisory roles as area managers.

Additional benefits that you will get after joining our driving school franchisee:

No franchise fee:

No initial franchise cost is required to join BOOK2PASS’ franchise model. As a result, you can open your own driving school without spending a lot of money upfront.

Access to a variety of cheap resources:

BOOK2PASS gives its franchisees access to dual-control automobiles, fuel, and insurance, among other reduced resources. Franchisees can lower their operating costs as a result.

Ongoing assistance and support:

We fully comprehend and acknowledge the challenges and difficulties you may be facing in your current circumstances, and we are committed to providing service and support to our driving instructors. We understand your situation, so we are always ready to extend our help and support, ensuring that you receive the utmost care and guidance throughout your journey with us.

Overall, joining this franchisee is an excellent option for instructors who want to excel in their careers but with low or zero-cost investment. As a result, more pupils will book practical driving lessons once they become aware of a reputable driving school like ours.

Guidelines or code of conduct for driving instructors

We require all BOOK2PASS driving instructors to adhere to our Code of Conduct. This set of guidelines aims to ensure that all students get respect and excellent services.

Our code of conduct covers the following:


Unless it is necessary and the pupil is comfortable with it, driving instructors are not permitted to make, answer or send texts during a driving session.

Personal errands:

Driving instructors are not permitted to run errands for themselves during class.

Lesson times:

The lessons must begin and end at the scheduled times, according to the regulations for driving instructors.

Cancellation of the class:

Driving instructors are prohibited from postponing a class without informing the pupil. Additionally, driving instructors shouldn’t regularly postpone classes.


Derogatory remarks about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or other beliefs are not tolerated by driving instructors.


At all times, driving instructors must speak courteously and professionally. Additionally, they must refrain from getting upset, frustrated, or ignoring the learner.

Any driving instructor who consistently violates the code of conduct will have their franchise terminated by BOOK2PASS, which takes the code very seriously. The code of conduct is crucial to meeting our commitment to provide our students with excellent service.

The Takeaway

Now that you know the benefits of joining our free driving school franchise, it’s time to fill out our form and start your new and advanced career as a driving instructor. Give us a call today to learn more.

Any driving instructor who consistently violates the code of conduct will have their franchise terminated by BOOK2PASS, which takes the code very seriously. The code of conduct is crucial to meeting our commitment to provide our students with excellent service.