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10 Things to Expect from Your First Driving Lesson

Learning to drive is a big achievement, but it can feel scary if you have never sat behind the wheel. While many of us get excited to achieve this milestone, some of you might be thrilled or terrified to start your first driving lesson in the UK.

To start your journey towards independence, you must calm your nerves and book driving lessons online that will help you get a driving licence soon.

Here are some things you can expect from your first driving lesson, along with what will happen, what you’ll do, and other important details to remember.
car instructor explaining city traffic rules before driving car

What should you prepare yourself for when embarking on your very first driving lesson?

Typically, your initial driving lesson takes place sometime after you have purchased a driving lesson package. This is when you will meet your instructor for the first time and get behind the wheel for the first time, so it is common to feel anxious beforehand.
Well, here are ten important things that you must walk through:

1. Meeting your instructor: Your first driving lesson will typically involve meeting your instructor. They will introduce themselves, explain their approach to teaching, and help you feel comfortable in their company. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions about the lesson or the learning process.

2. Familiarising yourself with the vehicle: Your driving instructor will guide you through the basic controls of the vehicle. They will show you how to adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel to ensure a comfortable and safe driving position. You will learn about the accelerator, brake, clutch (if applicable), and other essential car components.

3. Resolve queries or ask questions: Once you book our driving intensive crash course, you can ask as many questions as you want about what you can expect from the experience when you get in touch with BOOK2PASS to schedule your first lesson. Utilise their expertise to its fullest, and the lesson will be more effective. You can easily learn to drive safely and confidently with the assistance of our driving instructors.

4. Safety Briefing: Before driving, your instructor will provide you with a safety briefing that will include essential information like the significance of wearing a seatbelt, regularly monitoring mirrors, and properly indicating. You must comprehend these safety protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

5. Starting and Stopping: Your instructor will guide you through starting the engine, engaging the appropriate gear (if applicable), and smoothly moving off. You will also learn how to bring the car to a controlled stop using the brake pedal and clutch (if applicable). Mastering this fundamental skill is vital for building confidence in your driving abilities.

6. Steering and Vehicle Control: During your first lesson, you will begin to develop your steering technique. Your instructor will teach you how to hold the steering wheel correctly and make smooth, controlled turns. You will also practise maintaining a steady speed and appropriate following distances to improve your overall vehicle control.

7. Introduction to Traffic Rules and Signs: Your instructor will introduce you to the basic traffic rules and signs you need to be aware of as a new driver. This includes understanding different road markings, recognising speed limits, and comprehending various traffic signs. Developing a solid road sign and rule foundation is essential for safe driving.

8. Dealing with Traffic and Hazards: As you progress through your first driving lesson, you will encounter various traffic situations and hazards. Your instructor will teach you to anticipate potential risks, maintain awareness of other road users, and respond appropriately to different scenarios. Navigating traffic safely is a vital aspect of becoming a competent driver.

9. Feedback and Progress Assessment: Throughout the lesson, your instructor will provide feedback on your performance, highlighting areas for improvement and praising your successes. They will help you build self-awareness and develop good driving habits. You will also get a progress evaluation and a list of the topics you should concentrate on in the next several classes at the end of the lesson.

10. Building Confidence and Enjoying the Experience: Above all, your first driving lesson is an opportunity to build confidence and enjoy the experience of driving. Your instructor supports and guides you every step of the way. When you are learning, it is natural to make mistakes. Everyone learns at their own pace. Embrace the process, ask questions, and savour the sense of accomplishment as you take your first steps towards becoming a competent driver.


A driving lesson is an important milestone in your journey to obtaining a driver’s licence. By familiarising yourself with the ten things outlined in this article, you can approach the experience with more confidence and knowledge. Remember to communicate openly with your instructor, practise patience, and, most importantly, enjoy learning. With time and practise, you’ll develop the skills and confidence necessary to safely and responsibly navigate the UK’s roads.
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