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Intensive Driving Courses: Are They Right for You? Let's Find Out Now

According to DVSA, learner drivers typically require around 47 lessons on average to pass their practical driving test. Many learners choose to spread these lessons over six months to one year.

However, taking a driving intensive crash course, commonly called a “crash course,” is an alternative for those needing to get their driving licence quickly.

Intensive driving courses involve several hours of training every day over a condensed time frame before taking the practical driving test, hoping to pass and become a certified driver.
The duration, cost, and effectiveness of these courses can vary depending on your area and the suitable driving schools.
driving intensive crash course
If you can handle the pressure and cope with the demanding schedule, or if you only need to improve specific areas before your test, intensive courses can be a worthwhile investment of time and money. However, younger drivers or individuals who prefer a more relaxed approach may find Pay As You Go option a more leisurely learning process beneficial.
But are they right for you? Let’s read this comprehensive guide to learn more.

What is an intensive driving crash course?

An intensive driving course is a driving lesson that aims to teach learners in a shorter timeframe than traditional lessons. These courses typically cover both the theory and practical aspects of driving, although there are also semi-intensive options available where learners can take breaks while preparing for their theory test. The primary objective of intensive courses is to help learners pass their driving test quickly and safely.

It’s important to note that the structure and approach of driving intensive crash courses vary between driving schools, so it’s best to explore the options available in your local area. These courses are usually offered over one or two weeks, with each day of instruction involving up to six hours of driving practice.

If you are starting from the beginning or have concerns about enduring long hours in the car, opting for a more extended intensive driving course is advisable. On the other hand, if you only need to refine specific skills before your test, you can choose a shorter, intensive course with 10 hours of classes spread out over two days.
A reputable driving school like BOOK2PASS may provide you with an evaluation to ascertain how much instruction you require and can direct you towards a suitable course plan. For some shorter courses, you must first show that you understand the fundamentals of driving. They offer qualified driving instructors who can assist you with your driving test based on your requirements and price range.

What is the difference between intensive driving and advanced (also known as Pass Plus by DVSA) driving courses?

An intensive driving course is primarily designed for learners acquiring driver’s licences. The accelerated learning program aims to teach learners the necessary skills and knowledge to pass their driving test in a shorter timeframe than traditional driving lessons. Intensive courses typically involve concentrated lessons and practice sessions over days or weeks to fast-track the learning process.
On the other hand, an advanced driving course is taken by individuals who have already obtained their driver’s licence and want to enhance their driving skills beyond the basic requirements. These courses are optional and cater to drivers who wish to improve their confidence, competence, and overall safety on the road. Advanced Pass Plus driving courses provide additional training and techniques beyond the standard driving curriculum, focusing on advanced manoeuvres, hazard perception, defensive driving, and other advanced driving skills. Experienced drivers often take these courses to become more skilled, efficient, and proactive.
Pass Plus is a practical training course for drivers to hone their skills and drive more safely that lasts at least 6 hours.
Although it can be taken at any time, new drivers should find it most helpful the year after passing their test.
To learn, you must be taught by a Pass Plus qualified, approved driving instructor (ADI).

( If you successfully finish the course, it can assist you in receiving a car insurance discount )

In summary, an intensive driving course is for learners seeking to obtain their driver’s licence quickly, while an advanced driving course is for licenced drivers who want to enhance their driving skills and become safer, more proficient drivers.

Is booking an intensive driving course worth it?

Booking an intensive driving course can be worth it, depending on your circumstances and preferences. When determining if enrolling in an driving school is the best option for you, keep the following things in mind:

1. Time constraints: This course can assist you in achieving your aim of getting a driving licence and driving lessons quickly if you’re in a rush.

2. Learning style: If you prefer to immerse yourself fully in the learning process and dedicate a significant amount of time each day to driving practice, an intensive course may suit your learning style.

3. Intensive Practice: With an intensive driving course, you can practice driving skills extensively, often spending several hours each day behind the wheel. This concentrated practice can help build your confidence and proficiency more quickly than spreading lessons over an extended period.

4. Cost Considerations: While intensive driving courses may require a higher upfront cost than traditional lessons, they can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Ultimately, booking an intensive driving course depends on your circumstances, preferences, and learning style. It can benefit those who are motivated, have time constraints, and prefer an immersive learning experience. However, weighing the pros and cons and choosing the learning approach that suits you best is essential.

The Takeaway

If you feel it’s high time to take the wheel and seek a quick and efficient option, our intensive driving courses are the perfect solution to master this life-changing skill. Once you’ve made your booking and completed the theory requirements, we will assist you in finding a practical test that aligns with your schedule, bypassing the waiting times set by the DVSA.

Subsequently, we will connect you with an excellent instructor in your local area, enabling you to arrange your lessons directly with them. We regularly check your progress throughout the process, eagerly anticipating the ultimate achievement: obtaining the coveted pink driving licence. So don’t hesitate to book driving lessons online with BOOK2PASS.